Injuries We Treat

Types of Injuries

Our physicians and chiropractors provide comprehensive treatments for back injuries, with a combination of physical therapy, spinal adjustments, and pain management strategies.

You don’t have to live with lower back pain- our team of physicians, chiropractors, and board-certified surgeons can help find long-term relief through a comprehensive care plan.

Our urgent care team promptly addresses broken bones through X-rays, immobilization with splints or casts, pain management, and internal referrals for orthopedic evaluation when necessary.

Our physicians use the latest diagnostic imaging technology to examine elbow and shoulder injuries before recommending the best treatment plan moving forward, including surgical remedies.

Treating a foot or ankle injury involves thorough evaluation, and diagnostic imaging, followed by treatments such as physical therapy or surgical intervention for severe cases.

Our physicians evaluate head injuries through neurological assessment and potentially CT scans to determine the best possible treatment plan to help our patients recover quickly.

If you’ve been experiencing repeated headaches or migraines, we can design a care plan to help you get to the root of the problem through diagnostic testing, chiropractic care, and pain management.

Evaluating a hip injury typically involves physical examination, X-rays or MRI scans for diagnosis, followed by a tailored treatment plan which may include rest, physical therapy, or surgery.

We offer a number of treatment options for knee injuries and our team will rely on diagnostic imaging and testing to determine which treatments are idea for your situation.

Our physicians diagnose an ACL injury through MRI imaging and base decisions for treatment around your particular goals and lifestyle. Options include physical therapy, pain management, and surgery.

Meniscal tear injuries have a variety of treatment options ranging from rest, elevation, compression, and ice to surgical repair. Our team can help you find the best path forward.

Any neck injury should be considered serious and needs to be examined by one of our board certified physicians or chiropractors as soon as possible. If needed, we can also use imaging technology.

Evaluating and treating a shoulder injury involves a comprehensive assessment, often including X-rays or MRI, followed by a tailored treatment plan, which may include physical therapy or surgery.

Our doctors and care team see several Labrum injuries each year and they require an MRI to determine whether or not surgery will be required. These types of injuries can worsen over time.

If you’re dealing with a rotator cuff injury, our medical team can help you find the best course of treatment and rehab going forward, including therapy, pain management, or surgical options.

Evaluating and treating whiplash involves a thorough medical assessment, potentially including imaging like X-rays or MRI, followed by physical therapy and pain management.