Shoulder Injury Treatment in Camden

The shoulder is susceptible to injury from repetitive and forceful activities, particularly overhead arm motion like throwing a ball or hitting objects in sports such as volleyball or tennis. Lifting heavy objects overhead can also increase the risk of a shoulder injury. Additionally, shoulder injuries can occur due to trauma, such as in an automobile accident.

Delaying shoulder injury treatment in Camden can result in severe pain and further complications.

Our injury doctors in Camden, SC, are committed to providing comprehensive and personalized shoulder injury treatment to help you recover as soon as possible. With a combination of cutting-edge technology, non-invasive techniques, and a patient-centered approach, we aim to alleviate your pain and improve your shoulder function.

At Injury Medicine, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to treating shoulder injuries. Our team of chiropractors, doctors, and physical therapists work together to restore muscle and soft tissue balance and flexibility, manage inflammation, and help you regain full shoulder function. 

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What Should I Do if I Have a Shoulder Injury After a Car Accident?

If you suffer a shoulder injury, there may be legal options available to you if the injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, such as in a car accident. It’s important to take the appropriate steps, such as contacting a lawyer and gathering necessary evidence, to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

Get Medical Care

It’s important to promptly visit a clinic or hospital and have an experienced physician examine your shoulder to determine the extent and type of injury you have sustained.

During your examination, the physician will carefully review your medical history and conduct various tests to evaluate the extent of your shoulder injury. Based on their findings, they will recommend the most appropriate treatment program for you.

It’s important to ensure that all your medical records and treatment plans are thoroughly documented, as they will be critical evidence when filing a compensation claim.

Don’t Try to Tough it Out

It is important not to underestimate any impact you experience during a car accident, even if you feel only minor discomfort. Seeking a thorough medical evaluation can help rule out any potential injuries that could have serious health consequences.

Talk to an Attorney

Keep treatment records for your compensation claim and consult with a lawyer to oversee the legal process. It is essential to have your lawyer present before discussing or signing any agreements or settlements

Contact Auto Insurance

Contacting your auto insurance provider promptly is crucial for filing a claim and obtaining compensation. Don’t sign anything without talking to a lawyer first.

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What Are the Common Symptoms of Shoulder Injuries?

After sustaining an injury to the shoulder, any movement of the joint can result in various symptoms. Discomfort or soreness when raising or lowering the arm or reaching behind the back or overhead, as well as when lifting or pulling objects, are common symptoms of a shoulder injury.

Other common symptoms include:

  • The affected shoulder may feel weaker and have limited movement range.
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Instability
  • Stiffness
  • Inflammation

Some of the common shoulder injuries we treat include:

What Are Some Common Treatments for Shoulder Injuries?

At Injury Medicine, our expert healthcare providers use a variety of treatment options to alleviate shoulder pain and help you recover from your injury. The best treatment will depend on the severity of your injury and your level of pain.

Immobilization and Rest

We recommend the RICE protocol (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) to deal with minor soreness and discomfort.

One of the treatment options offered at Injury Medicine is the use of an immobilization sling. This helps to limit shoulder movement and allows for a better recovery process.

Pain Management

Depending on the severity of your injury and your level of pain, options can include:

  • Over-the-counter medications like NSAIDs
  • Pain medications
  • Steroid injections to help manage tenderness and swelling
  • Nerve Blocks

Orthopedic Surgery

Corrective orthopedic surgery, such as anterior acromioplasty or subacromial decompression, may be recommended for severe shoulder injuries. This procedure involves removing or repairing any damaged tissue or bone and restoring normal joint function.

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Accurate diagnosis and thorough examination are key to effective treatment and recovery for shoulder injuries, which typically involve a nonoperative rehabilitative approach. In severe cases, surgery may also be necessary.

Injury Medicine has a team of pain care management specialists who specialize in treating shoulder injuries. Our approach involves a structured and multiphase process for effective treatment in Camden. Our emphasis is on restoring muscle and soft tissue balance and flexibility, managing inflammation, and restoring all adaptations that can help you regain complete shoulder function.

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