Injections for Pain in Easley

Chronic pain can significantly impact your ability to lead an active and fulfilling life. The simplest of daily tasks can become challenging and overwhelming. Fortunately, there are numerous pain management procedures available, with injections being one of the most commonly used.

The effectiveness of injections in providing relief depends on the severity of the pain, its location, and your specific condition. At Injury Medicine, we understand the debilitating impact of chronic pain and offer a range of treatment options, including injections for pain management in Easley, SC.

Our pain management specialists are highly skilled and experienced in administering injections, providing both temporary and long-lasting relief to our patients. If you’re suffering from chronic pain and seeking relief, please do not hesitate to contact us at 864-866-PAIN and schedule an appointment with us today.

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How Are Injections Used in Pain Management?

Injections offer a non-surgical option for treating both acute and chronic pain. Typically, injections are used when non-surgical approaches like medication have been attempted but failed to provide relief before considering surgery.

Injections are particularly effective because they can directly deliver medication to the specific location causing the pain, often resulting in better pain management than oral medication. There are different ways injections can work to alleviate pain, including delivering pain-relieving medication to the source of pain, which reduces inflammation and numbs the area. Alternatively, injections can block pain signals from reaching the brain, either by administering a pain-relieving medication or creating a heat lesion.

In addition to providing pain relief, injections can be helpful in diagnosing the root cause of the pain, such as a herniated disc or compressed nerve. Overall, injections offer a viable and effective option for managing pain, and we encourage you to consult with a pain management specialist to explore whether injections may be a suitable treatment option for your specific condition.

What Are Some of the Types of Injuries or Conditions that Can Be Treated With Injections?

  • While over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medications, as well as heat or ice application, can help manage pain, they may not always provide consistent relief for everyone. In such cases, prescription pain medication or injections may be required.
  • Injections are a popular pain management option for many injuries and conditions. Some examples of injuries and conditions that may be treated with injections include neck, hip, shoulder, back, and knee pain, as well as nerve pain, sciatica, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, sports injuries, and gout.
  • If you are experiencing pain and struggling to find relief through traditional methods, we recommend consulting with a pain management specialist to explore the possibility of injections as a treatment option. With the right treatment, you can alleviate pain and get back to doing the things you love.

Injections for pain in Easley

What Are the Different Types of Injections That Are Available at Injury Medicine?

At Injury Medicine located in Easley, SC, we provide a range of injections to alleviate various types of pain, which include:

Radiofrequency Ablation

Also referred to as rhizotomy, radiofrequency ablation is a non-surgical procedure that targets nerve pain by heating up or ablating a section of the nerve, thereby blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. It is commonly used for treating spinal joint pain, headaches, and face pain.

Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block

Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block is a safe and effective injection for relieving pain caused by cluster headache and other trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias. It can also alleviate pain associated with atypical facial pain, migraine, herpes zoster, paroxysmal hemicrania, nasal contact point headache, temporomandibular disorder, and trigeminal neuralgia.

Stellate Ganglion Block

Stellate Ganglion Block is an injection of local anesthetic into the sympathetic nervous system located on both sides of the voice box in the neck. The procedure provides relief from pain, reduces inflammation, improves blood flow, and mobility in patients with circulation problems associated with vascular disease.

Nerve Blocks

Nerve blocks are injections of local anesthetics to target a specific nerve or nerve group to alleviate pain. The procedure can help to identify the cause of pain, allow damaged nerves to heal, and provide temporary relief. Imaging guidance is used to place the needle in the most appropriate location.

Celiac Plexus Block

Celiac Plexus Block involves an injection that prevents the celiac plexus nerves from sending pain messages to the brain. It is used to treat chronic pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer.

Sciatic Nerve Block

Sciatic Nerve Block is an injection of anesthesia around the sciatic nerve that relieves pain by blocking the pain signals generated from injured nerves. The procedure is used for managing chronic pain in the lower extremity, or blocking the pain from surgery on the knee, leg, foot, or ankle.

Facet Blocks

Facet Blocks use imaging guidance to place a needle into the facet joint to deliver a local anesthetic or steroid to the back of the posterior spinal column. The procedure can be performed at one or multiple levels and on one or both sides of the spine.


Discography is an imaging diagnostic test that uses X-rays for examining the intervertebral discs of the spine. The procedure involves injecting a special dye into the damaged discs to make them visible on a fluoroscope monitor and X-ray film. Discograms can locate the damaged discs causing back pain and help determine the need for surgery.

Spinal Cord Stimulators

Spinal Cord Stimulators use a neurotransmitter device that’s implanted under the skin via an epidural needle to disrupt pain signals traveling between the spinal cord and brain. The device delivers impulses via leads to an area near the spine, helping to alleviate pain.

Injections for Pain in Easley Could Be Just What You Need!

Compared to surgical options for chronic pain, injections offer a minimally invasive and lower-risk alternative. In addition, injections do not carry the risk of addiction associated with certain pain relief medications, making them a viable option for treating pain that cannot be managed with traditional medication.

If you’re struggling with acute or chronic pain that is impacting your quality of life, we encourage you to speak with our experienced doctors at Injury Medicine in Easley, SC. Our team can provide advice on your treatment options, including the various types of injections available that may be suitable for your specific condition. We can also assess whether surgery is a recommended option for achieving long-lasting pain relief.

To learn more about injections for pain management in Easley, contact us today at 864-866-PAIN to schedule a consultation with our experienced doctors. We are committed to helping you alleviate your pain and regain your quality of life.