Headache Treatment in Spartanburg

It is common to have headaches after an injury or an accident. There are several reasons behind them though, which is why you need the help of an injury doctor. The injury doctor determines the causes of the headaches and later gives the appropriate treatment.

At Injury Medicine, we treat all injury and accident-related head injuries in Spartanburg.

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Common Reasons and Symptoms for Headaches After Accident-Related Injuries

There are some common reasons and symptoms behind an accident or injury-related headache. They are why you should not be quick to buy painkillers over the counter without the right recommendations from an injury doctor.

Post Traumatic Stress Headaches

These are caused by muscle tension that happens due to an injury. The pains from a stress headache could be severe or moderate, but all need to be attended to by a professional injury doctor.

Concussion Headaches

A concussion is a brain injury that requires the attention of an injury doctor for proper treatment. Other symptoms include poor concentration and poor memory.

Spasm or Muscle Strain Headaches

They occur where the neck or the scalp muscles contract or experience tension. These tensions result from the pressure incurred on these areas during an accident or injury.

Whiplash Headaches

They are related to whiplash injuries. Whiplash injuries are caused by tensions experienced in the areas near the spine, shoulders, and neck.

Fracture Headaches

During accidents, fractures mainly occur on the skull or neck. They cause intense aches, which can be very disturbing. In other instances, they are localized on the injury site.

Occipital Neuralgia Headache/Pinched Nerve Headaches

They result from injury or inflammation on the occipital nerves that are found running through the scalp. These feel like severe piercings.

What to Do Following an Accident or Injury

It would be best if you never ignored your symptoms that occur after an accident or injury. Doing so has the potential to worsen the condition at hand. It also can cause detrimental effects that could otherwise be avoided by visiting an injury doctor.

Get Examined by an Accident Injury Doctor Immediately

Having an injury doctor carry out an examination is essential in determining the dynamics of the issue. It will also help you get proper analysis

You may also require an examination to define the extent of the damage.

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Don’t Try to Wait or Tough It Out

Waiting has the potential to make the condition worse. On the other hand, toughing it out can cause you to go through unnecessary pain.

Follow Pain Management and Treatment Recommendations

Professional injury doctors provide you with pain management and recommendations only after properly examining what will best suit your condition.

Following these recommendations, we ensure that your condition is well taken care of.

Know and Assert Your Injury Rights

It is your right to access medical attention from an injury doctor. You also have a right to file a claim on workers’ compensation due to the injury. Knowing and asserting your injury rights helps you go through the issue smoothly.

How Can Injury Medicine Help With Your Headaches? Why Choose Us?

At Injury Medicine, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to ensure your condition – whatever the cause – is well taken care of! We alleviate your pain and help you reclaim your life. With us, you get:

Commitment to Excellence

We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best quality care. We hence prioritize your wellness and use our professional skills to take care of your issue in the best way we possibly can.

Compassionate Care

We acknowledge that you not only need our services but comfort from us. We hence communicate with honesty and compassion and reassure you about your condition.

Use of Innovations

We have heavily invested in using the most recent innovations to ensure quick diagnosis of your condition.

Effective Clinical Communication

We acknowledge the detrimental effects of miscommunication. Therefore, we have developed proper communication techniques to ensure that we have an easy time communicating with you when discussing the issue at hand and offering recommendations.

Transparent Pricing

We have a pricing structure readily available for you on our website. It assures you that you can never get overcharged for the services you receive.

It also helps you prepare your payments before visiting our institution, eliminating inconveniences after hospitalization.

Specialists at Injury Medicine for Headaches in Spartanburg

It is advisable that you never ignore symptoms resulting from an accident or injury but instead take the right actions. Consider visiting an injury doctor if you experience any of the mentioned symptoms.

Be sure to follow the instructions and recommendations given by the injury doctor for quick recovery.

If you are in Spartanburg and need to treat injury or accident-related headaches, you should consider visiting or calling our specialists at Injury Medicine. We’re here when you need a pain-free life! Schedule your appointment at 864-866-PAIN today.