Knee Injury Treatment in Spartanburg

The knee is an important part of the human body and has a comprehensive impact on a person’s mobility. If the knee is not right, it can lead to major issues when moving around from point A to point B.

Keeping this in mind, you will want to get on top of a knee injury before it spirals out of control and worsens. This is where Injury Medicine comes into the equation. We offer highly effective non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures for knee injury treatment in Spartanburg.

Our pain management specialists are always willing to work with patients when it comes to treating a knee injury. To learn more about what Injury Medicine does, please give us a call at 864-866-PAIN.

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What Are the Common Types of Knee Injuries?

Our Spartanburg knee pain specialists treat many kinds of injuries. Some of the most common knee injuries include:

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

The anterior cruciate ligament sits between the tibia and femur. It can be torn if pressure is applied to the knee and this causes an ACL injury. It can become difficult to move around with this type of injury and the recovery can take months.

Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

This ligament is located on the back of the knee. It can be torn when pressure is applied from the front of the knee causing the PCL to tear due to the hyperextension. This injury is often cited as making the knee feel unstable when a person places weight on it.

Medial Collateral Ligament Injury

The medial collateral ligament is located on the inside of the knee. This part of the knee will bend when there is pressure applied from the outside of the knee. A torn MCL can make it difficult to remain steady and is painful too.

Meniscus Injury

A meniscus is situated between the shin bone and thigh bone. Its purpose is to act as a cushion between these two bones to ensure they don’t grind against each other. It is described as being rubbery cartilage that is C-shaped. If the knee is suddenly twisted in one direction or the other, this can cause the meniscus to tear.

Knee Fracture

This is one of the more common knee injuries a person has to deal with when it comes to this part of the body. When the knee deals with trauma or sudden twisting, it can also cause the bone to break. This can be on the inside, outside, or back of the knee.

Dislocated Patella

When a kneecap pops out of its socket, this is noted as a dislocated patella. It’s common for this to happen when excessive force is placed on the knee as it twists. When it does twist, the patella will come out of the socket and need to be popped back in.

What Are the Causes of Knee Injuries?

Knee injuries can happen for a long list of reasons and it is often associated with movement.

It is important to understand what the root cause of a knee injury is to get to the bottom of what’s going on. This often helps with the treatment plan too.

These causes can include:

  • Slip and Fall
  • Sporting Accident
  • Auto Accident
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sudden Twisting

It is important to go through these causes and make sure you are on the right path with your knee injury treatment in Spartanburg. At Injury Medicine, we will make sure to help out every step of the way.

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Can I Treat My Knee Injury at Home?

When it comes to a knee injury, you will always want to get it checked by a medical professional. This is to rule out any injury that might be lingering behind the skin.

Sometimes, knee injuries don’t hurt as much as you would assume. This causes a person to worsen the situation by aggravating it.

You can let the knee rest, but it is still ideal to consult with a specialist in Injury Medicine.

What Are the Possible Outcomes of a Knee Injury?

A knee injury can lead to short-term and long-term complications. The best option is to consult with Injury Medicine at 864-866-PAIN to avoid any complications.

Short Term Outcomes

When it comes to a knee injury, the short-term outcome tends to revolve around mobility. It is difficult to put weight on the knee and this can come with a differing amount of pressure put on the knee joint.

This can include not being able to do what you love doing even if it involves walking around.

The best option in a situation such as this is to consult with a medical specialist. This specialist will take a look at how to treat the pain and make it a little easier to move around. It is important to understand these details and get a customized treatment plan to remain on top of things.

Long Term Outcomes

When it comes to dealing with the long-term effect of a knee injury, it is important to think about the amount of pressure being put on the knee.

Whether it is a fracture or a torn ligament, it is important to get it treated right away. A lot of patients that do not get treated for it right end up struggling with their health.

This includes not being able to move around the way they want to. This gets in the way of everything they like to do and impacts their quality of life.

What Types of Treatments Can Injury Medicine Provide for Knee Injuries?

When it comes to treating a knee injury, we offer a wide array of solutions. This includes assessing the knee and coming up with a customized treatment plan.

Our treatments include:

Our goal remains to better understand what you are dealing with and how to best treat it moving forward.

We Provide Top-Rated Knee Injury Treatment in Spartanburg!

It is always important to consult with a specialist when it comes to a knee injury. At Injury Medicine in Spartanburg, we put our best foot forward by taking the time to listen to what is going on with your case and then find a good treatment plan.

To find out more about what we can do, please reach out to Injury Medicine at 864-866-PAIN.