Chiropractic Services

At Injury Medicine, our specialized chiropractic team offers a holistic approach to pain relief and body wellness. Our certified chiropractors utilize spinal adjustments, manual manipulation, and targeted therapeutic exercises to address pain, enhance mobility, and promote natural healing.

Chiropractic Services
Injections for Pain Services

Injections For Pain

Living with pain can be debilitating, but our advanced pain-relief injections provide targeted relief for chronic and acute pain conditions. From joint injections to epidural steroid injections, our expertly-administered treatments target the source of pain, offering swift and long-lasting relief.


Kyphoplasty at Injury Medicine can be a transformative procedure for those experiencing painful spinal compression fractures. By using specialized balloons to restore the height of the vertebral body and injecting bone cement, we can stabilize fractures, reduce pain, and improve posture.

Kyphoplasty Service
Minimally Invasive Procedures

Minimally Invasive Procedures

At Injury Medicine, we prioritize your recovery and comfort. Our minimally invasive procedures ensure shorter recovery times, reduced scarring, and less post-operative pain. From endoscopic procedures to laser surgeries, our cutting-edge treatments provide precise and effective results with minimal disruption.


Our neurology services are centered around comprehensive care for disorders affecting the nervous system. From headaches to nerve injuries, our expert neurologists employ a range of diagnostic tools and treatments, ensuring accurate diagnosis and tailored care plans.

Neurology Services
Orthopedic Services

Orthopedic Surgery

Injury Medicine’s orthopedic surgery offerings combine expert surgical skills with the latest medical technology. Whether it’s repairing a torn ligament, setting a fractured bone, or replacing a worn-out joint, our orthopedic surgeons are committed to restoring your mobility and ensuring optimal joint function.


A herniated or damaged disc can cause immense pain and restrict mobility. Our discectomy procedures at Injury Medicine involve the removal of the problematic disc segment, alleviating nerve compression, and providing rapid relief from pain.

Discectomy Services
Spinal Fusion

Spinal Fusion

Spinal instability or severe back pain can significantly hamper daily activities. Our spinal fusion procedures aim to join two or more vertebrae, providing enhanced stability, aligned posture, and lasting pain relief.

Pain Management

Pain can overshadow life’s joys. At Injury Medicine, our comprehensive pain management services are tailored to your individual needs, employing a blend of medications, therapies, and innovative treatments.

Pain Management Services
Spinal Cord Stimulator

Spinal Cord Stimulator

Combat chronic pain with our spinal cord stimulator treatment. By sending mild electric currents to the spinal cord, this advanced device can modify or block nerve activity, effectively reducing pain sensations.