Truck Accident Injuries in Greenville

Being involved in a truck accident is a situation that brings along with it a list of concerns. If you have suffered truck accident injuries in Greenville, SC, you will want to act quickly in order to gain a better understanding of your situation as soon as possible.

At Injury Medicine, we can assist with all of your medical needs during the treatment phase. This is the most important step on your road to recovery and it is best to proactively seek treatment with an experienced group of capable medical professionals.

We are a reputable, proven team who will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your medical needs and create a customized treatment plan for you. To get started with us, call our Greenville, SC injury treatment center at 864-866-PAIN to book your appointment today.

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What Should I Do Following a Truck Accident?

Here is what you should do following a truck accident.

Contact the Police

You will want to make sure to reach out to the police once the accident occurs. This is to ensure a law enforcement official records what took place at the scene of the accident along with any other relevant legal details.

This is important information that will likely be required during the legal process later.

Check on Other Involved Parties (Do Not Leave!)

You should always take the time to ask everyone else on the scene if they are okay. This is to make sure no one is dealing with medical distress.

This means no one should run away from the accident as that will lead to major legal concerns. It is also not ideal to do this medically.

Exchange Info

Always look to exchange contact information with the other party. This includes reaching out to potential witnesses that are on scene at the time. These witnesses might have important information regarding the truck accident that could prove to be useful in your situation.

Get all of this information written down and put it somewhere safe.

Record the Scene

If possible, you should look to record the scene. Visual evidence goes a long way when it comes to building a strong legal case and making sure you are showcasing what took place correctly.

This can bode well for your legal concerns later and it can also prove how you were injured at the time of the truck accident.

Never Admit Fault

Do not admit fault for the truck accident. You will want to remain at the scene of the truck accident while recording everything.

If someone asks about what took place, do not accept guilt. It is best to let a legal professional represent you when it comes to something of this nature. Just focus on your health.

Seek Medical Attention

You need to seek medical attention. This includes seeking treatment and evaluation from a medical professional and determination if a hospital visit for your injuries is appropriate. It is also important to ask for medical documentation of your visit and treatment. This includes a formal diagnosis of your injuries at the time of the truck accident.

Call a Truck Accident Lawyer!

Always look to reach out to a truck accident lawyer when you get the chance to do so. This is important and it is best to go with a law firm that is trustworthy, proven, and willing to put in the hard work for you.

If you are looking to reach out to a good treatment clinic for truck accident injuries in Greenville, please take the time to reach out to us at 864-866-PAIN. We assist patients who find themselves in challenging medical situations following an accident. Seeking proactive medical treatment as soon as possible following an injury will give you the best possible outcome, both medically and legally.

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What Are Some Common Truck Accident Injuries?

There are a variety of different injuries one may incur from a car accident and each case is unique. The injuries can include:

If you have sustained an injury during a car accident, the best option is to act quickly and consult a medical professional for a thorough evaluation and diagnosis.

Reach out to Injury Medicine at 864-866-PAIN for a comprehensive diagnosis of your injuries.

Should I Go to the ER or Injury Medicine Following an Accident with a Semi-Truck?

If you are injured, we recommend first visiting the Emergency Room, where they can provide you with a referral to Injury Medicine. If your injury does not require emergency treatment, call Injury Medicine. Oftentimes, same-day or next-day appointments are available in addition to telemedicine visits.

How Injury Medicine can help treat you after a truck accident

How Can Injury Medicine Help My Injuries?

Injury Medicine is the best place to call if you suffer truck accident injuries in Greenville, SC. Our treatment plans include:

Help With Managing Pain

Pain Management is critical when it comes to reducing the severity of injury symptoms following a truck accident. Truck accidents put a tremendous amount of pressure and stress on the body, but Pain Management can play a very important role in the recovery process. Injury Medicine’s highly skilled healthcare professionals will create a customized treatment plan to reduce your pain and manage your truck accident-related symptoms.

At Injury Medicine, our providers use the latest in medical technology to diagnose, evaluate, and treat truck accident patients. These options include urgent care evaluation, injections for pain, minimally invasive procedures, medication management for appropriate patients, chiropractic care, neurological specialists, and more.

Preventing Long-Term Damage

Long-term damage is often a concern for many patients in the aftermath of a truck accident. We take the time to properly evaluate and diagnose your injuries before developing a comprehensive treatment plan to proactively manage your medical care.

Call Injury Medicine for Treatment of Truck Accident Injuries in Greenville, SC!

If you have been injured in a truck accident, Injury Medicine will help you effectively reduce and manage your symptoms, and assist you with all of the related details.

We have years of experience and are accredited medical professionals with the desire to help. To book an appointment with us, please take the time to call 864-866-PAIN.