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Do you have low back pain? Are you looking for low back pain treatment in Greenville, SC, or surrounding areas? You are not alone. Low back pain (LBP) is among patients’ most frequent complaints to healthcare providers. Nearly 80% of Americans will report a lower back pain problem at some point in their lives.

Low back pain begins suddenly for many people, but oftentimes it improves quickly after a few days or even dissipates within a few weeks with self-care. Sadly, it is not uncommon for it to come back, with some individuals suffering from persistent low back pain.

LBP can significantly impact all aspects of your life, from family life to work and social activities. Fortunately, there are many treatment options for you to explore with a skilled healthcare team to better manage or treat your LBP so you can return to your regular activities.

At Injury Medicine, our integrated team of specialists utilizes a variety of effective treatment techniques to relieve and even heal your low back pain.

We combine various sophisticated strategies and treatments with experience, skills, and compassion to deliver the best low back pain treatment in Greenville, SC. Discover exceptional low back pain care and back injury treatment tailored to you and your unique needs.

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What Is Low Back Pain?

Lower back pain (LBP) is a pain in the lower section of your back – from the bottom of the ribs to the top of your hips, also referred to as the lumbosacral section of the back.

Lower back pain can come from any of the several structures that make up your lower back, including muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and bones.

What Are Some of the Common Causes of Lower Back Pain?

To understand the causes of lower back pain, you need to understand the anatomy of your lower back.

Your spine is responsible for supporting your back and consists of many bones called vertebrae stacked on top of one another. Discs, which are a combination of a soft gel-like structure and a strong fibrous outer layer, sit between each vertebra and play the role of shock absorbers to allow the spine to bend.

Your spinal cord runs through the vertebrae, transporting nerve signals to and from the brain and other body parts. At the bottom of your spine, below the vertebrae, are bones known as the coccyx and sacrum.

If any of the parts in your lower back are affected, you may experience lower back pain. For instance, if the nerves in the lumbar spine become inflamed or compressed by surrounding bones, ligaments, or muscles, it can cause sciatica, a type of pain that manifests in a patient’s lower back and spreads to the buttocks and down the legs.

Because there are so many parts in your lower back, it can be challenging to know the exact cause of your lower back pain. Generally, the different causes of lower back pain can be classified into two primary categories:

Mechanical Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is mostly mechanical and results from inflammation. Mechanical lower back pain is often a consequence of injury or irritation to the facet joints, intervertebral joints, spinal cord, tendons, surrounding muscles, and ligaments. Other causes of mechanical back pain include dislocations and/or traumatic fractures, tumors that have spread to the spine, and infections.

Mechanical pain in the lower back tends to occur near the midline and may radiate (spread) to the buttocks and thighs. It is uncommon for mechanical lower back pain to spread below the knee.

Compressive Lower Back Pain

This type of lower back pain occurs when one or several nerve roots are pinched or irritated. A herniated disc is a common cause of compressive lower back pain.

Compressive lower back pain tends to radiate to the leg and sometimes to the foot. The leg pain may be accompanied by weakness and numbness.

Examples of both mechanical and compressive causes of lower back pain include:

When our low back pain experts in Greenville, SC perform an assessment, they consider all options to determine the exact cause of your pain. To schedule an appointment, call 864-866-PAIN, to be evaluated by a Pain Management expert.

Low Back Pain Treatment Greenville

What Are Some of the Common Symptoms of Lower Back Pain?

Lumbago or lower back pain symptoms can vary from one individual to another. Some may experience symptoms of specific lower back pain, and others may experience symptoms of non-specific lumbago.

Your pain may come on suddenly, perhaps after a stressful and busy day lifting heavy items. Or the pain may come on gradually for no clear reason. Whichever the case, specifically describing the symptoms of your lower back pain can go a long way in helping your doctor or chiropractor come up with a more accurate and personalized diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

The following symptoms typically accompany low back pain:

  • Dull, aching pain with or without stiffness in your lower back
  • A sharp local pain
  • Pain that is worse after prolonged standing or sittingPain that radiates to the buttocks, legs, and feet
  • Pain that is worse in the morning and better after moving around
  • Unsteady when walking, or numbness of the legs or feet
  • Sudden and severe localized lower back pain
  • Visible deformity in your lower back

See a specialist straight away whether you’re experiencing specific or non-specific lower back pain symptoms. Some lower back pain symptoms can be signs of a more serious injury or condition. Our specialists can determine the best approach for low back pain treatment in Greenville, SC.

What Are Some Treatments Available at Injury Medicine for Lower Back Pain?

Most treatment for lower back pain at Injury Medicine is non-operative. Once a lower back pain (LBP) diagnosis is made, our Greenville pain specialists will determine the best treatment option for you, which can include – but is not limited – to the following:

Trust Our Pain Specialists to Help with Your Lower Back Pain

Do you have mild or moderate lower back pain? Or perhaps you experience severe lower back pain that comes on suddenly for no reason? The pain specialists at Injury Medicine in Greenville, SC, can help.

Chronic lower back pain is a constant source of discomfort and gets in the way of daily tasks. Talk to us at 864-866-PAIN about your lower back pain, and let us develop strategies for relief.