Physical Rehabilitation in Spartanburg

Injuries are not uncommon and happen every second of the day. One minute you are fine, the next you are in excruciating pain due to some form of accident. You could have pulled a muscle, injured your back, sprained your wrist or ankle, etc. While some of these injuries may not be life-threatening, they can be extremely painful, and likely call for urgent care. Others, while not necessarily emergencies, still call for medical attention, more specifically, physical rehabilitation.

Here at Injury Medicine, we are ready to help with physical rehabilitation in Spartanburg, SC. We offer a vast array of physical rehabilitation services, all designed to meet the specific needs of our patients. To start your journey to healing and recovery, call us today at 864-866-PAIN and schedule an appointment!

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What Is Physical Rehabilitation?

If your medical condition or injury is limiting your ability to move and do your daily activities, you want to consult a physical therapist. Often referred to as rehab, physical rehabilitation is a process designed to alleviate pain, promote healing, restore movement and function, and provide strength, balance, and endurance.

This is achieved through an array of modalities such as physical exercise, hot and cold therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound, etc. Research reveals that after an injury, the sooner you sign up for physical rehabilitation, the better the results. It is important to address your injury before they turn into a chronic issue.

What Are the Different Types of Physical Rehabilitation?

There are 3 primary types of physical rehabilitation:

Physical Therapy (PT)

PT is a form of rehabilitation that’s usually used to alleviate pain, improve movement, provide rehab after an injury like a broken bone, orthopedic surgery, or a stroke, help in recovery after a sports-related injury, and manage chronic conditions like arthritis, teach people how to use devices like canes, etc.

If your doctor recommends physical therapy, the therapist will begin by assessing things like balance, mobility, posture, walking, and heartbeat. Next, they will create a plan to ease symptoms and assist you to regain mobility or functionality.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational therapy is meant to help people who need specialized assistance to perform everyday activities or “occupations.” In this regard, occupations do not just refer to your job or work, but also everyday tasks, recreational activities, and self-care tasks. The primary goal of occupational therapy is to help patients do the things they need or want to in order to lead an independent and satisfying life.

OT specialists help by making changes that hinder your ability to do tasks like brushing teeth, dressing, eating, working, etc. Modifications may include changing the manner a task is approached, helping you develop the skills needed to do certain things, or changing the environment in which you do the task.

Speech and Language Therapy

This form of rehabilitation focuses on improving language, communication, fluency as well swallowing. The goal is to combine the mechanics related to speech through the use of language with the aim to help the individual communicate in a more functional and useful manner.

Speech and language therapists use tactics like language intervention activities, articulation therapy, and feeding and swallowing therapy.

Some of the conditions that may call for speech and language therapy include dysphagia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, aphasia, fluency issues, articulation issues, voice or resonance problems, cerebral palsy, oral feeding issues, cleft palate, Down syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Physical Rehabilitation in Spartanburg

What Types of Injuries Would Physical Rehabilitation in Spartanburg Benefit?

There are numerous injuries that may benefit from physical rehabilitation. Some of the most common include:

Head & Neck Pain

Stress, especially in this day and age can be overwhelming and is known to be a common cause of tension headaches. This can be debilitating for an individual. Studies show that most tension headaches originate from the neck and the right physical rehabilitation program can help target and eliminate the pain.

Back Pain

According to studies, about 80% of adults in the United States experience back pain at some point in life. You may have lifted a heavy box, someone heavier than you, or pulled a muscle in your back when reaching for something, resulting in excruciating pain. Fortunately, this is something that can be addressed with the right physical rehabilitation program.

Injury Medicine also offers treatments like pain management, medication management, chiropractic care, and many more to help address back pain.

Muscle/Joint Pain

You might be experiencing pain from a soft tissue injury in any part of your body including the wrist or ankle (sprained wrist or ankle) legs, feet, hips, shoulders, knees, muscles, etc. Regardless, our team will work to diagnose the underlying cause and come up with a treatment and recovery plan that eliminates that pain as soon as possible.

Limited Range of Motion

Overusing some parts of your body can result in inflammation or tenderness in those regions. Range of motion, as a result, is affected. Fortunately, this can be resolved with therapy. In addition, physical rehabilitation helps improve your flexion and extension.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Using the computer for extended periods on a daily basis results in repetitive stress injuries. However, carpal tunnel syndrome can be subdued by performing exercises, stretches, and changing your posture. An experienced physical therapist will be able to provide guidance for the best results.


Whiplash is a form of neck injury that often involves abrupt forward and backward movement of the neck. Whiplash is usually experienced in car accidents, but it can also happen when you participate in high-velocity contact sports such as football and rugby.

When you visit Injury Medicine, our specialists will conduct a spine movement assessment and create a treatment and physical therapy program designed specifically for you.

Cancer Pain

Cancer treatments tend to leave patients in excruciating pain and disability, which affects their life quality. With physical rehabilitation, however, the consequences of the condition can be managed.

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