7 Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident Injury

After being in an accident on the roads, motorcyclists are more at risk for life-threatening injuries. They don’t have the same protection as car drivers, and they are completely exposed to the road.

Motorcyclists can sustain serious injuries even with their protective gear. These steps will help you begin your claim for settlement if you were involved in a serious motorcycle accident in Greenville.

Take Pictures of the Motorcycle Accident and Your Injuries

You should take photos of the accident scene after you have been in an awful motorcycle crash. You can show the extent of the damage and your bike’s position relative to other vehicles. This can help show that you weren’t at fault for the motorcycle accident.

You should also take photos of any injuries and cuts from the motorcycle crash.

Ask for Contact Information

Get the information of the driver responsible for your motorcycle accident. As a piece of additional evidence, you can take a photo of the license plate.

Wait for the Police to Arrive

Do not leave the accident scene until the police arrive. They will consider both your and the opinions of other drivers. Later, this official record may be used as evidence.

Have a Medical Checkup

Even if your injuries don’t seem serious, you should still consult a doctor. Hidden injuries, such as soft tissue injuries and minuscule fractures, may be hidden. You should not wait to report your injuries.

It may make it harder to prove the connection to your motorcycle accident. Here are some common injuries from motorcycle accidents:

The doctors at Injury Medicine are experienced and equipped to deal with your motorcycle accident injury. Contact us immediately after an accident to get the best reporting on your medical status. This will increase your chances of having a good claim.

Call Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company should be notified about how you were involved in a motorcycle accident. Send photos of the property damage and give as much information as you can. They might be able to cover some of your losses or even your medical bills, depending on the coverage you have under your insurance.

Decline Other Insurance Company Settlement offers

You may be contacted by the insurance company of the other driver and offered a settlement. Accept it. There is no way to go back if your damages exceed the settlement that you have agreed to. Your attorney should calculate your damages accurately and fairly. This will stop insurance companies from undercutting your amount.

Contact a Greenville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

An attorney can help you calculate the economic and non-economic damage to your property using industry-standard methods. If you are offered settlements by insurance companies, your attorney can help you communicate with them.

An attorney can also help you obtain evidence to support your case, including traffic camera footage and cell phone data usage.

Call Injury Medicine to Get the Treatment and Documentation You Need

It can take a while to recover from a motorcycle accident. Having the proper care directly afterward is the best way to ensure you get back to full health and recover all damages in the process. Call Injury Medicine at 864-866-PAIN to get your treatment today.

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