Bulging Disc Injury Treatment in Greenville

Your intervertebral disc is positioned between the bones of your spinal column and generally acts as a shock absorber as well as support motion. The exterior part of the disc consists of a firm cartilaginous layer, while the center is softer and more gel-like.

A bulging disc commonly occurs due to age-related complications or unforeseen accidents. Nevertheless, you may find that you’ve got a bulging disc and don’t know it.

The bulge alone isn’t an issue. However, pain and other complications can develop if the disc applies pressure on the spinal nerves. Treating bulging discs is but one of the specialties of the expert medical staff at Injury Medicine in Greenville, SC.

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What Is a Bulging Disc?

A bulging disc, a slipped disc, or protruding disc is a common spinal injury where the intervertebral disc gets swollen and protrudes from its spinal column position.

Bulging discs can also result in a herniated disc, which causes other additional problems. Regardless of its position in vertebrae, the bulge will apply tension on the spinal nerves and surrounding nerve tissues, which causes severe spinal pain on its own.

Since protruding discs can result in more severe complications, it’s integral that you spot early tell-tale signs and any likely causes.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bulging Disc?

Bulging discs frequently happen in the lower region of your backbone. Symptoms exhibited may vary depending on the bulge position in your spinal column but may include:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Pain
  • Burning, sharp, or dull pain that radiates
  • Feeling weary (heaviness) or having difficulty walking

The symptoms may manifest in the buttocks, chest, hips, shoulders, legs, feet, hands, or arms. If the slipped disc is in your neck region – symptoms will manifest in the arms, hands, or shoulders. Lower bulges will see you experience foot, leg, buttock, or hip pain.

What Can Cause a Bulging Disc?

Bulging discs can arise due to a range of factors – from incorrect posture and accident injuries to body deterioration and so on. Here are some of the following common causes:

Work-Related Injury

Occupations that are physically involving and require repetitive actions like bending, twisting, pulling, pushing, lifting, driving, standing, apply tension on the intervertebral discs pose a danger of a bulging disc.

Trauma / Injury

Severe injuries and collisions to the spine can lead to spine misalignment, and the trauma can result in complications like bulging discs.

Bulging Disc Treatment in Greenville


Spinal discs and the vertebrae deteriorate as time lapses because of natural wear and tear. When other variables, including strain, injuries, or misalignment, come into play, it causes the discs to withstand extra pressure, making them start to swell and protrude.

Complications affiliated with aging and a reduction in disc water amount, degenerative disc conditions, and structure can also result in bulging discs, discomfort, and other problems.

Additionally, regular smoking and insufficient exercise may increase disc degeneration.


The alignment of your spine can be altered by poor posture, particularly as time lapses. Standing, sitting, and even sleeping improperly can create strain on the neck, back, and spine, which can cause bulging discs.

What Are Some Treatments for a Bulging Disc?

Here at Injury Medicine in Greenville, SC, our chiropractors will work towards identifying the location of the bulge, conducting an assessment, and realigning the vertebrae using chiropractic manipulation and adjustments.

Spinal manipulation, or adjustments, can isolate the discomfort area, whether it came about suddenly or gradually, and deliver targeted treatment.

These chiropractic adjustments are non-intrusive methods that can be observed with time and how the treatment is reacting to the patient.

By putting on controlled forces to the target area, the misaligned joints go beyond the usual motion range but within the parameters of movement for which it is intended.

Cracking or popping noises are a common occurrence during spinal manipulation and adjustments. This treatment improves movement, flexibility, and spinal support.

Besides spinal manipulation and adjustment, our injury doctors use comprehensive diagnostic evaluations to delve into other minimally intrusive and non-intrusive treatment techniques.

Other bulging disc treatments options we offer at Injury Medicine in Greenville, SC, include:

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Our injury doctors understand that every patient’s injury needs are different, which is why they are devoted to providing a safe and holistic treatment.

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