Injury Causes FAQs

Car Accidents

What should I do immediately after a car accident?

It’s essential to check for injuries, call 911 if necessary, exchange information with the other party, take photos of the scene, and report the accident to the police, your lawyer, and your insurance company.

How soon should I see a doctor after a car accident?

You should seek medical attention as soon as possible after a car accident, even if you feel fine. Some injuries, like whiplash, may not show symptoms immediately.

Motorcycle Accidents

Why are motorcycle accidents often more severe?

Motorcyclists lack the protective frame of a car, making them more vulnerable to severe injuries during collisions.

Should I always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle?

Wearing a helmet can significantly reduce the risk of head injuries in an accident. It’s recommended for safety and is mandatory in many areas.

Truck Accidents

How much deadlier are truck accidents?

Truck accidents tend to be significantly deadlier than car accidents due to the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks. When a truck collides with a smaller vehicle, the occupants of the smaller vehicle are at a much higher risk of fatal injuries or severe trauma.

How can I avoid truck accidents on highways?

Stay out of a truck’s blind spots, maintain a greater-than-normal following distance, avoid sudden lane changes in front of trucks, and always be alert and attentive.

Uber (Ridesharing) Accidents

Who is liable for injuries in an Uber accident?

Liability for injuries in an Uber can vary. It might be the Uber driver, another driver, or even Uber’s corporate insurance policy that is liable, depending on the circumstances and the status of the ride.

Is it safe to use Uber and other ridesharing services?

Ridesharing services like Uber have safety guidelines and requirements for drivers. However, like any mode of transportation, there’s a risk, so always be vigilant and aware.

road rash from motorcycle accident - Injury causes treated by Injury Medicine include car and motorcycle accidents.

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