What Should I Do if I Have an Auto Accident Injury?

An auto accident injury in Greenville, SC is one of the most stressful situations you can experience. Car accidents can be stressful, from finding the right doctors in Greenville to treat your injuries after a wreck to figuring out your financial obligations.

It is important to use defensive driving strategies when operating your vehicle. It is better to prevent an auto collision than deal with the aftermath.

While careful driving can reduce your risk of being in a car accident, it does not eliminate it. It is vital to learn what to do if someone else causes your crash.

With the right steps, you can receive quick and quality medical treatment. You can also recover quickly from your auto accident injury. You can also receive quick financial compensation to offset the severe economic effects of the accident.

If you would like more information on how receiving treatment for your accident helps your case, view this page.

This article will help you determine the best steps to take in case you are hurt in an accident. First, let’s talk about the possible injuries that you might sustain in a car wreck.

Common Injuries After a Greenville Car Crash

You can sustain different injuries from an auto collision, depending on the severity of the crash, your body position, and impact location. These are the most common car accident injuries.


Whiplash may be one of the most common injuries that you could sustain in an auto accident. This is a neck injury that results from an abrupt and forceful forward and backward movement after a collision. The tendon and ligaments are stretched and torn beyond their normal range of motion.

Whiplash is usually a mild condition but can cause severe pain, stiffness, and discomfort.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Traumatic brain injuries occur when the head is struck with a forceful blow or jolt. This injury may be mild, moderate, severe, or severe. TBIs caused by auto accidents are often non-penetrating. Penetrating brain injuries can occur when an object is inserted into the skull.

Common symptoms of traumatic brain injuries include headaches, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting, as well as slurred speech. TBIs can be life-threatening and could lead to death if not treated promptly.

Herniated Disc

Medical professionals also know herniated discs as slipped, prolapsed, or bulging discs. This happens when the inner disc that protects your spinal bones is pushed out. A slipped disc can cause pain and numbness when it presses against the spinal nerves.

For pain relief, painkillers such as ibuprofen or restful sleep can be helpful. If the symptoms persist, however, a ruptured disc may need to be repaired.

Spinal/Vertebral Fractures

The spinal cord is protected and supported by the backbone. It can, however, break when there is an external force greater than it. Medical professionals call this a vertebral fracture or a spinal fracture. This is a fairly common injury from a car accident.

You can expect to heal minor spinal fractures with rest and medications. However, severe cerebral fractures may require bone realignment surgery.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The WHO states that most spinal cord injuries are caused by auto accidents and other preventable causes. Spinal cord injuries are serious and can cause permanent disability. Paralysis is likely to result from damage to the spinal cord. It can also result in loss of sensation or unconsciousness.

A woman with head pain from a car accident injury

Follow these 7 Steps After an Auto Collision

These actions can save lives and lower your long-term medical expenses after a car accident.

Keep Calm and Stay at the Crash Scene

It’s common to feel nervous about being a victim of traffic accidents. Your ability to stay calm and rational at the scene of a collision is crucial.

If you need to, take deep breaths and pull over on the side road away from traffic. Do not leave the scene of an accident. This could lead to criminal charges.

Notify Emergency Responders and Law Enforcement

Once you have ensured that you are safe, you can check for injuries and other people. Next, dial 911 and alert the police and emergency responders. You should remain on the scene until they arrive.

Take Pictures of the Accident Scene and Your Injuries

You can make the most of your time waiting for law enforcement and emergency responders by collecting evidence. This can be done by taking photos and videos of the accident scene as well as your injuries. If you plan to sue a negligent driver for personal injury, this will be helpful.

Get Vital Contact Information

Correct information can help you win your auto accident injury claim or lawsuit. Make sure you ask the other drivers for their names, addresses, telephone numbers, and insurance information. Pay attention to the appearance of their cars.

Talk to Witnesses

Ask for permission to record the accident details from witnesses who were present at the scene. Ask permission to record them speaking if possible. This will increase your chances of receiving fair compensation. Do not forget to reach out to your personal injury lawyer.

Have a Thorough Medical Examination

You want to ensure that your injuries are being treated with the highest level of care. If you have suffered spinal, neck, or back injuries, our spine center is the best option. Our center has the best technology and the most qualified doctors to treat your car accident injuries.

What Are the Treatments for Auto Accident Spine-Related Injury?

Your injury severity and medical history will determine the treatment you receive for back or spine injuries. These may include:

Epidural Steroid Injections

The procedure involves injecting corticosteroid in your epidural (the area that covers your spine). This is a great way to reduce swelling and pain.

Massage and Physical Therapy

Massage and physical therapy can be used to ease pain, relax muscles and improve circulation. They can improve your mental health, and help you cope with post-accident stress.


Acupuncture is effective in managing pain and treating various spinal injuries.

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After an accident, you should seek immediate medical attention. Your health condition could rapidly deteriorate and cause permanent disability or other life-threatening complications if you don’t seek immediate medical attention. Even if you don’t feel any symptoms it is a good idea to see a doctor immediately to make sure.

Injury Medicine offers the best treatment for spine injuries in Greenville. Our years of expertise and experience will help you with everything from diagnosis to management. Our qualified medical professionals can tailor treatment plans to meet your needs and lifestyle.

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