The Impact of Gaps and Delays in Accident Treatment on Claims

Many car accident victims want to know how they can support their personal injury claims. There is no one answer because every collision is unique. There are some things you can do to avoid any semi-truck, motorcycle, or car accident. Making simple mistakes can cause prolonged pain and suffering, which could lead to a poor outcome in your personal injury case.

After an accident, time is not on your side

First, it is important to remember that time is crucial after an automobile accident. The insurance company will also keep track of all your actions after your car accident. They will be able to tell you if you have sought treatment and if you delay seeking medical attention. Your personal injury case will also be affected by the decisions made in the weeks or months that follow your accident.

You can, on the other hand, use your time to build a bulletproof case with photos, documentation, and medical care. A good clinic will meticulously document your injuries and any treatment received. They can also represent you in court. Although most injury cases settle before the court is even present, it’s important to be ready for any worst-case scenario.

How to get insurance company approval after an accident

The insurance company will be patient and watch over your actions following a car accident. When dealing with an insurance company, documentation is your best defense. We recommend that you keep an accident log, take photos of all the scenes, and request a copy of the accident report. These simple steps will help you support your injury claim and satisfy the insurance company.

This is why it is so important to seek medical attention from a team, not just a chiropractor, after a car accident. Documentation will help you to outline your medical history and support the suffering. Your personal injury claim will generally be based upon your pain and suffering and the medical treatment received.

Car Accidents: Delays and Gaps

Let’s begin with delays in medical vehicles after a car accident. The insurance company will want to know if you have been seriously injured in the accident. If you fail to seek medical attention, it is a sign that you are not injured and will not need a large personal injury case. The insurance company will be satisfied if you seek medical attention. This documentation will support your personal injury case.

Next, we will discuss any gaps in your treatment following the collision. Your treatment will be halted if you miss a doctor’s appointment. Gaps in treatment can cause personal injury cases to be delayed, just like delays. Gaps in treatment can lead to long-term pain and suffering. If you have to cancel an appointment, make sure to notify your doctor and record the reasons.

A personal injury claim can be strengthened and supported by seeking medical treatment. As we all know, time is limited after a collision. Insurance companies are not generous when it comes to delays or insufficient medical care. Make sure your doctor understands all documentation related to collision injuries and is available to explain your treatment in court.

What happens if there is a gap in my treatment for the car accident?

First, seek immediate medical attention after a car accident. You can still receive treatment even if you delay medical care, but it all depends on the state. California, for example, allows you to file an insurance claim within two years. Florida and Utah, on the other hand, allow for up to four years to file an insurance claim. Several states also allow for six years to file personal injury claims. If your accident is older than one year, you should check your state’s insurance claim limits.

Keep in mind that there may be situations in which your claim is denied due to delays in treatment. These are some of the most common reasons that accident claims can be denied:

Insurance fraud 

This is often done by lying to an insurance company. Fraud can lead to your claim being denied or discontinued, and even legal problems.

Insufficient coverage 

Your insurance company won’t provide coverage beyond what you have purchased. You should be aware of your policy limits and the coverage you are entitled to.

Drivers Excluded 

In certain situations, a driver cannot operate a vehicle. If an exclusion driver is found to be at fault for your vehicle’s operation, you may be held personally responsible.

Delayed Filing 

Failure to report an accident can jeopardize your claim because the insurance company is unable to properly investigate the wreck.

Late or missed payments could cause your automobile insurance coverage to be canceled or reduced.


If you are convicted of driving under the influence, your insurance company could deny or limit your claim.

If you feel your claim was denied or limited unfairly by an insurance company, however, you still have rights. To start, you should contact your insurance company and file an appeal. A lot of well-known insurance companies have an appeal process. The second option is to contact your state’s insurance commission. Finally, you can contact an attorney who specializes in Personal Injury Claims.

Someone with foot pain after a gap in treatment

Common Questions about Insurance

Here are some common questions and areas of confusion with Insurance.

Notifying your Insurance Company

 Each car wreck is unique. It is up to you, the insured, to seek treatment and file a claim. If any of the involved suffered significant property damage or loss, it is important to notify your insurance company. You can also get an estimate from your insurance company before you file a claim.

Are my insurance rates going to rise

Your risk of being in a car accident will determine how much your insurance rates rise. The insurance company believes that an accident can often be a sign of future collisions, regardless of fault. In 2017, for example, the average premium increased by $98 per year after a no-fault collision.

Single Car Accidents 

Single car accidents, such as crashing into a pole or sliding off a road, do not require insurance claims. You should file a claim if your deductible is not met.

Multi-Car Accidents

Many collisions involve multiple vehicles. It is difficult to determine who was at fault. You should get a copy of the accident report. This will help identify the at-fault driver and keeps all parties honest after the collision.

Uninsured Drivers

Uninsured drivers can be treated differently depending on where they live. Florida, for example, provides $10,000 worth of PIP coverage to all accident passengers regardless of fault. Many states may not adhere to your automobile accident insurance policy. If you have any questions about the policy limits for your state, call us today.

Contact Injury Medicine Today For Treatment And Documentation

All car accident victims have rights following a wreck. It is your responsibility to get the help you deserve following a car accident. If you or someone you care about was hurt in a motorcycle, semi-truck, or car accident, please contact us immediately. Our network of doctors at Injury Medicine is trained to diagnose and document complex collision injuries. 

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