Duncan Injury Clinic: Handling Car Accident Injuries

Let’s say that you’re out and about, and suddenly someone falls and starts screaming. It’s an awful scene, and your first instinct might be to panic. But you can make a huge difference if you know how to handle car accident injuries on the spot.

If the injury is more serious, you’ll need to stabilize the victim and call for an ambulance. If it’s a less serious injury, you can provide first aid and help the victim reach a trusted Duncan injury clinic, such as Injury Medicine for further treatment.

But first, let’s discuss the things you can do to help someone with car accident injuries.

Assess the Situation Quickly Before Taking Action

When someone gets injured, you should first assess the situation quickly. Is the person unconscious? Are they bleeding a lot? Do they have any broken bones?

If the person is unconscious, you must call for help immediately. If they’re conscious, you can begin providing first aid. But no matter what, you should always call for help. That’s why it’s important to have the number of your nearest Duncan injury clinic saved on your phone.

If the person is bleeding a lot, you must apply pressure to the wound and then call for help. If they have a broken bone, you need to immobilize the area and call for help.

No matter what, the most important thing is to stay calm and call for help.

Administer First Aid for Car Accident Injuries

If someone is injured in an accident, you should first administer first aid appropriate for the injury (and of course, call the emergency services).

Stopping The Bleeding By Applying Pressure To The Wound

If the person is bleeding heavily, you might need to use a bandage or cloth to apply pressure to the wound. Applying pressure to a wound helps to stop the bleeding by temporarily sealing the blood vessels and allowing the clotting process to begin.

Maintaining the pressure for at least five minutes is important, and longer if possible. If the bleeding is coming from an artery, it is particularly important to seek medical attention immediately, as arterial bleeding can be life-threatening.

Cleaning And Disinfecting The Wound

If you have an injured person with an open wound, it is important to clean and disinfect the wound as a first aid measure. This will help to prevent infection and speed up the healing process.

You can use sterile gauze or a clean cloth to clean the wound. You will also need to have some sterile water or saline solution. Start by gently cleaning the wound with gauze or cloth. Be sure to remove any dirt, debris, or foreign objects. Next, rinse the wound with sterile water or saline solution. After that, disinfect the wound if you have any products on the spot like alcohol or iodine.

Treating Fractures and Sprains

If you suspect that the person has a fracture or sprain, do not move them. Apply a makeshift splint and wait for medical help.

So, if you see someone injured in an accident, don’t panic. Stay calm, assess the situation, and provide first aid if necessary. Then, make sure the victim gets medical attention as soon as possible. By following these steps, you can help anyone who needs it.

Ambulance at the scene of a car wreck in Duncan

What to Do After Administering First Aid?

After you’ve done your best to provide a car accident victim with first aid, you should visit a hospital for proper treatment as soon as possible. Waiting too long to seek medical help can cause the injury to worsen and delay recovery.

Getting the injured person to a hospital is especially important in cases where the injury is more serious. Don’t hesitate to call for help if needed, as professional medical staff are essential for helping those with severe wounds and fractures that require more complicated procedures such as surgery or bone setting.

If the patient cannot move or be moved due to their injury, wait until an ambulance arrives and provide first aid in the meantime if needed. Make sure you explain the situation clearly when speaking with emergency responders so they can take appropriate action when they arrive.

How to Handle a Car Accident Emergency

It is critical to guarantee your safety while approaching an accident site. Check that all traffic has ceased. Ensure that everyone is informed of the tragedy. Otherwise, there may be further casualties.

Keep an eye out for incoming vehicles to ensure they aren’t a threat. Take note of any gasoline spills or potential fire hazards. Turn off automobile ignitions if feasible. Turn on your danger lights and, if accessible, use a warning triangle.

If other persons are nearby, ask them to contact emergency services. If you are alone, assess the situation and treat any potentially life-threatening problems first. People who are yelling, crying, or making a lot of noise are breathing. Your first concern should be to search for anyone who is quiet and not moving.

Check whether silent victims are responsive: if there is no reaction, ensure they are breathing. If unconscious and breathing, ensure they are leaning forward or to one shoulder in a position that allows the airway to remain open. Move them as little as possible while avoiding bending them. Continue to speak quietly to the patient since they can hear you, although unconscious. Keep them positive.

After receiving emergency medical treatment, it’s important for people who have suffered an injury due to an accident (or any other cause) to seek further medical attention at a clinic as soon as possible. This will help ensure they receive all necessary care and allow them to recover fully from car accident injuries.

Don’t Delay in Reaching Out to a Duncan Injury Clinic

After administering first aid to an injured person, it is important to take them to a hospital as soon as possible. This is especially true if the injury is serious. The staff at the hospital will be able to provide further medical treatment and keep an eye on the injured person for any further complications.

Leaving the hospital isn’t the end of treatment. The highly qualified doctors at Injury Medicine’s Duncan injury clinic help accident victims as they undergo rehabilitation. We provide services such as physiotherapy, chiropractic care, and more.

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