Diagnostic Imaging in Spartanburg

Getting involved in an accident can completely mess up your life and decrease the quality of it. When you are shocked and confused as a result of the accident, it’s best to seek experienced medical help. When you or your loved one is suffering from an injury or chronic pain, Injury Medicine is here to help you.

We understand your condition and know that there’s nothing more important than your health. We use advanced diagnostic imaging in Spartanburg to determine the actual cause of your pain or injury and then develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Our experienced medical team uses a wide variety of safe and effective treatments including physiotherapy and chiropractic care. Call Injury Medicine at 864-866-PAIN today to book an appointment at our Spartanburg injury center!

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Diagnostic Imaging Services We Offer

With a team of highly trained licensed technologists, Injury Medicine is committed to delivering respectful, excellent, and prompt patient care. The diagnostic services we offer include:

CT Scans

A computerized tomography scan or CT scan takes x-ray images at varying angles from different parts of the body and uses a computer to process slice images of soft tissues, bones, and blood vessels in the body. CT scans can deliver more data compared to an x-ray.


An x-ray is a standard imaging procedure that helps view broken bones, bone fragments, broken ribs, and more. An x-ray can quickly picture any foreign object inside the body. It is a simple and easy procedure that helps your healthcare provider evaluate a range of conditions.


Magnetic resonance imaging or an MRI is a pain-free and non-intrusive medical test that assists doctors in diagnosing and treating different medical conditions. It is done by placing the patient on a moveable table that glides in and out of the magnet region of the unit.

Diagnostic Imaging Services in Spartanburg

Types of Injuries/Conditions That We Treat

Injury Medicine treats a wide range of injuries and conditions. Here are some of the most common types of injuries and conditions that we treat:

Our team includes specialists in pain management, neurology, and more. We offer a broad range of treatments and therapies including:

We Also Offer Top Chiropractic Care!

Auto accidents, sports accidents, and workplace accidents can result in lower back and joint injuries. If you are currently experiencing muscle or joint pain and it’s affecting your day-to-day functions, you should consider chiropractic care at Injury Medicine.

We provide top chiropractic care in Spartanburg, SC. Our treatments will help you with the pain or injuries that may negatively be affecting your quality of life.

All About Our Physiotherapy Services!

We offer a wide range of physiotherapy services in Spartanburg, SC:

  • Massage Therapy – Massage therapy helps loosen your muscles and prevent further injuries. Our therapists use advanced massage techniques including myofascial release, hot stone massage, and more.
  • Rehabilitative Therapy – Rehabilitative therapy prevents the deterioration of muscle, promotes joint health, and protects against recurring or new injuries.
  • Stretching & Strengthening – Therapeutic stretching is important to prevent the formation of scar tissue. Regular stretching and strengthening help keep the tissues flexible.
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (E-STIM) – E-STIM places electrodes over the painful region in your back or neck. Waves of electricity are transmitted throughout the neck and back regions when the machine is turned on. It helps relieve pain over time.
  • Ultrasound Therapy – Vibrations and sound are used to generate heat in the muscles. The heat will help relax the muscles and increases blood flow.

Diagnostic Imaging is an important step to finding out the specifics of your injury.

We Can Work With Your Personal Injury Lawyer!

When you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s reckless actions, you are entitled to file an injury claim to recover compensation from the at-fault party. Our licensed and authorized medical practitioners can work with your personal injury lawyer in recovering the compensation that you rightly deserve.

Our experts offer meticulous medical evidence & documentation to detail the injuries you suffered as a result of the accident. This will go a long way in improving the chances of success in your personal injury claim. It will help your personal injury lawyer demand the maximum compensable amount possible to cover the injuries you have sustained.

Make an Appointment for Diagnostic Imaging in Spartanburg!

When you or a family member is injured in an accident, it is best to seek immediate medical help. Injury Medicine in Spartanburg is here to help you by providing top-notch diagnostic imaging and treatment.

Our experienced medical team uses a wide variety of safe and effective treatments including physiotherapy and chiropractic care. Call Injury Medicine at 864-866-PAIN today to book an appointment at our injury center!