5 Common Injuries Sustained After a Car Accident

If you got injured in a car accident in Greenville, SC, you should get quality treatment as soon as possible. Start by searching for a car accident doctor near me and immediately contact an experienced medical practitioner.

Car accidents could be minor or severe and life-changing. Besides death, auto collisions could lead to adverse health conditions like permanent disability. Moreover, the severity of car accident injuries is linked to the intensity of the crash.

Some injuries are very common after an auto accident. Let’s examine five such car crash injuries.


Whiplash is a common car accident injury where the force of the collision causes the neck to bend forward and backward in quick succession. Whiplash affects the neck’s nerves, muscles, and tendons. This injury is typical in rear-end collisions.

When collisions occur, neck tissues may be forced to go beyond their normal range of movement. The neck’s ligaments and tendons may suffer damage as a result.

Whiplash may either be severe or not. In extreme cases, the injured person may have to live with chronic headaches for a long time. On the other hand, whiplash could be mild, too, causing neck pain and discomfort for a few weeks before it heals.

Traumatic Brain Injury

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control reports about 1,117 yearly deaths from traumatic brain injuries. The report attributes one-third of these deaths to motor vehicle crashes. So, what are traumatic brain injuries?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) result from a sudden blow to the head. Many times, the head takes a forceful hit during a car accident. In the case of rollover accidents, the head usually suffers multiple hits.

TBIs could either be penetrating or open/penetrating brain injuries or closed brain injuries. Penetrating brain injuries involve a break in the skull. However, the brain only suffers from the impact of closed brain injuries, and there is no skull penetration.

All TBI symptoms do not appear immediately after the accident. Some show a few days or even weeks after. Mild TBIs could lead to dizziness, nausea, fatigue, speech challenges, and blurred vision. TBIs may lead to coma, temporary loss of consciousness, seizures, and paralysis on the severe side.

Cuts and Bruises

Cuts are common car accident injuries. Considering the number of loose items that typically sit around the car, it is easy to understand why cuts are commonplace injuries. These items like books, pens, cell phones, and mugs fly around with high velocity during a car accident.

Also, broken glasses and sharp metallic car parts can severely pierce the skin on impact. Cuts could be shallow and mild or severe and deep.

Bruising results from internal bleeding. The impact of car crashes could cause blood vessels to rupture. This event causes blood to leave the vessels and get trapped underneath the skin. This trapped blood will appear reddish and then produce blue-black colored spots on the skin’s surface.


Cars consist of several hot metallic components like engines. Manufacturers build cars in ways to protect us from direct contact with these parts. However, these components may loosen up because of the disintegration that multiple impacts cause during an accident.

When any part of the body makes contact with these hot parts, burns will result. There’s also the possibility of a fire outbreak during car accidents. When a fire breaks out in a car, the occupants will suffer burn injuries if they don’t get out in time.

Burns fall into four different categories. These range from mild and superficial first-degree burns to fourth-degree burns, which most likely results in death.

Back Injuries

Back injuries are pretty commonplace in car accidents. Even the mildest of crashes can cause back pains. The force of crash impact causes the lower back, which depends on the strength of the lumbar spine, to shift, resulting in backaches.

Also, the force of impact in car accidents can cause ligaments to overstretch and tear. When this happens, lower back pain develops.

Car accidents often cause lower back injuries

What Reduces Your Risk of Injury in a Car Accident?

No one wants to experience a car accident. So, what if we can prevent them or reduce the risks and severity of injury? Here are some driving tips that will minimize the severity of car accident injuries.

Avoid Tailgating

The road is quite an unpredictable terrain. When driving, several unplanned situations could crop up. Keeping a safe distance between your car and the one in front of you is a safety measure and one way to handle unpredictability.

Supposing a dog unexpectedly runs across the street and the driver before you hit the brakes. The chances are that you may not have enough time to avoid a rear-end collision. However, keeping a safe distance, say, the length of a car away, will go a long way in reducing the force of impact and hence the severity of any injuries.

Wear Your Seat Belts

There is no disputing that seatbelts can reduce your risk of sustaining severe injuries in a car crash. How? By reducing the number of impacts that occur. Generally, the less force the body absorbs, the lower the likelihood of injuries.

Seatbelts prevent car occupants from being thrown around during a crash. Therefore, ensure that the seatbelt crosses your chest and lap instead of your neck and stomach.

Observe Air-Bag Safety Protocols

Airbags function to minimize impact in car accidents. However, they could increase the risks of injuries if you misuse them. To maximize the benefits of airbags, position them at a safe distance away from you.

At least, stay 10 inches away. In addition, your knees shouldn’t lean against the airbag compartment while driving.

What Is the Role of the Best Auto Accident Doctor Near Me?

See a chiropractor if you suffered back pain or spinal dislocation after a car accident in Greenville, South Carolina. Chiropractic care involves several procedures and techniques that promote proper spinal alignment.

The chiropractor will cause the spine to return to its proper position, enable the backbones’ seamless movement, and reduce or eliminate back pain. Chiropractors will also apply techniques to speed up the healing process for any back injuries.

Contact Injury Medicine to Get the Best Treatment Possible after an Auto Accident

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